to my beloved homeland

I love many things. But more than anything I love my homeland, which will be in my heart forever. and nothing will be able to replace it.
because no matter how bright the lights of New York are, they cannot compare with the light in my eyes when I see everything what is so precious to me.
no matter how beautiful the architecture of London is, it won''t be able to compare with my humble home where I spent whole my life.
no matter how romantic Paris is, it won''t make me cherish every memory about my first love and those places where I first heard «I love you»
no matter how fun Ibizza is, only when I walk near places where me and my friends spent time together, my heart laughs.
no matter how many perspectives any city in the world gives me, all my thoughts will always belong to my beloved homeland, where I left my heart and soul forever…

Every love is imperfect. It is so unfair. Funny that we always give our heart to those ones who may not deserve it so well. We love those boys who are so bad and our friends keep on telling us that he keeps on cheating. Remember some hot girls to whom you voluntarily became a slave just for a kiss and living a dream that someday a hope will turn into something more real. This is how my love to my homeland exists. But this love is so dramatic and unconditional which will hurt me ruthlessly and heal me at the same time by just its humble existence. I will keep this feeling and I will carry it on until my last breath in. I understand that so many people wish to leave it as fast as possible. And I must confess that I have such sin. But I am thankful to that because only when we are apart we can feel how deep our love is. And even when meeting we may think that all those lonely nights when our eyes were full of drops of rain which falls on our sacred land were we did our first steps, were useless… But we are wrong. Even if I have disappointment, even though I know that some places in some way are better, I don’t need any place. I won’t need it ever. Because how dare I need any other place where even my birth was planned by destiny? I will not ever stop telling people how perfect my homeland is, even sometimes their eyes lie cruelly. I love It, I praise It. And I greatly hope that your heart is big enough to have such imperfect love.

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